May 17, 2016

3 Reasons to regularly unplug from your email

Get it off your plate like Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman and ex-CEO of Google

Are you and your email attached at the hip? If you carry your email everywhere and check it regularly in the middle of a movie date or a family dinner, chances are, you are. So is this a problem? Absolutely. Here are 3 reasons why you should put your email down.

1. Because social relationships matter more
There is nothing more irritating at a social meeting than someone who keeps glancing at their phone while in the middle of dinner or a conversation. If your friends and family have started to comment on this unpleasant habit, it is time you stopped. Paying frequent attention to your email while in the company of others, sends across a clear message that your email matters more to you than the person(s) you are interacting with. If you are aware of this failing and keep it up anyway, there is a good chance of ending up a social pariah. So put that phone away and focus on the people who care about you instead.

2. Because everybody needs a break
All day long you stare at the screens of electronic devices such as phones, computers, tablets or the TV, for both work and entertainment purposes. What you probably don't realize is how much this constant stimulation overwhelms and stresses your brain. An August 2013 survey of working adults conducted by Cornerstone OnDemand found that 38 percent of millennials reported feeling “technology overload.” No surprises there of course, now that email follows you out of the workplace and into your home and even your bed, hounding you relentlessly with its notifications. And it doesn't end there. Stressing your brain can lead to further complications such as sleeplessness, chronic fatigue and depression. So seriously, give yourself some space from your email.

3. Because there are better ways to stay on top of your game
If you are a serious user, disconnecting from your email can be a scary thought. What if you missed something important? What if your inbox so clogged up with messages in your brief absence that it became chaotic and unmanageable? Relax. There are better ways to keep track of your messages and not have to risk the ire of an irate boss or an impatient client. Scour the market for software that can help. FewClix, for instance is an Outlook add-in that can help you get to priority messages in mere seconds and with just a couple of clicks, irrespective of the clutter in your mailbox!

So you see, there's really no reason for you to chain yourself to your email anymore. We suggest you put it down and go out and actually start living!


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