Nov 10, 2015

Outlook Tip #4 - Keep track of Tasks with Post-it Notes

Outlook Productivity Tip -  Keeping Track of Tasks with Post-it Notes

Last week's tip was about how to save time and effort with recurring tasks in Outlook. This week's tip will help you keep track of lists and tasks easily and ramp up your productivity.


Tip 4: Keep track of lists and tasks easily using Post-it Notes in Outlook

Did you know Outlook has a built-in sticky notes feature? That's right, Outlook users can access their very own Post-it Notes from anywhere in the Outlook interface by simply pressing Ctrl+Shift+N.

This will create a new note which you can drag and position anywhere on your screen. The default color of the Post-it Notes is yellow. However, you can assign them to categories with different colors being assigned to various categories.

Here's how you can categorize your sticky notes:

Step 1: Click on the Post-it icon in the top left corner of the sticky note

Step 2: In the menu that drops down, select "Categorize" and select the category you require

You can rename the category as you please and even change the color as required. For example you may choose to have a "Red category" of sticky notes for all pending tasks.

Here's how you can manage your sticky notes:

Step 1: Click on the "..." option on the "Navigation Bar" at the bottom of the Outlook interface (this is the area where you switch between "Mail", "Calendar", "People" and "Tasks" folders.

Step 2: In the sub-menu menu that appears, click on the "Notes" option.

In the view that appears, you can copy, organize and print your sticky notes and even search for notes containing specific text.

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