March 20, 2015

Taming the stubborn inbox

Homo sapiens have long prided themselves on the uniqueness of each member of their species. Our unique identities spill over into everything we do, including the way we handle our email.

For example, some of us like to put our email away into neat little folders, while the more free-spirited of us, shiver at the very thought of folders. Some treat their inbox like a to-do list, while others prefer to attack it head on, starting at the top of the pile and working their way down.

Bottom line: we all have unique inbox management needs.

So how come we’re all stuck with similar inboxes then? How come we adapt to these obstinate inboxes, instead of making them adapt to our way of working instead?

But wait, you can! Watch the video below and learn how:

Is email important to your work or life? Here, you will find other innovative ideas that may transform the way you deal with email. Don't miss our next article.

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