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FewClix delivers record-breaking enterprise ROI!

Productivity, one of the major factors that drives growth and performance in enterprises, is a focus area for any organization. According to the Adobe Email Usage Survey, 2017 & 2016, the average worker spends 50% (around 4 hours) of their work day on email-related tasks.

While this includes time taken to read and write emails, a significant amount of unproductive time is also spent searching for emails, organizing the inbox and prioritizing messages that require urgent attention

FewClix can reduce the time consumed by these "email time sucks" by as much as 80% leading to significant daily, weekly, monthly and annual time savings, thereby boosting productivity and delivering record-breaking ROI for your enterprise.

Unparalleled "Satisfaction from Investment" for CIOs:

  • Happier and more productive users
  • Happier and less burdened IT teams

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