What our users say...

"Thanks to the multiple filters in FewClix, I'm able to rapidly refine my searches to find just the right mail I couldn't find before with the standard search of my mail client. I can now quickly search for all different versions of a file that was sent and updated during long exchanges of mails. In short, I have access to all my knowledge, in a matter of milliseconds. Now, if only FewClix could exist for NetFlix... that would definitively improve my evenings, after having improved my workdays!"

Louis Burki, Product Manager, Olympus Poland

"Before I started using FewClix, I spent a lot of time searching for emails sent from colleagues, managing emails (deleting, flagging, putting in folders, etc.) and filtering through junk email. During the last 5 months FewClix has helped me save over 90% of the unproductive time that I used to spend on these tasks. FewClix not only helps me save time, it is efficient and easy to use!"

Kevin Jordan, Program Manager, Cisco Systems

"Putting a search in for a sender or subject lets me quickly find the email and or document I am looking for. Attachments are listed separately to make finding a particular document very easy! FewClix helps me find what I am looking for without creating an excessive number of folders or a complicated filing system. FewClix is effective, simple and time saving!"

Andy Macdonald, Engagement Manager, Alexander Proudfoot

"FewClix improves my productivity and makes my life easy!"

Karuna Madhu Devandla, General Manager IT

"My email is my main filing system. FewClix helps me find answers in it, quickly."

Cesar Rosas, Network Administrator

"I route all my email addresses to my Outlook client. FewClix helps me process these emails quickly..."

Derrick Bell, Applications Developer

"FewClix is simple, effective and (provides a) very fast response!"

Ehab Bustami, Service Delivery Manager

"Email costs me over 5 hours a day. I spend a lot of my time searching for received emails, mostly by subject and content. FewClix is MUCH faster and easier to use than native Outlook search, and saves me over 95% of the unproductive time I used to spend before!"

Paul Stemper, Owner, PSSTechnology LLC

"I cannot live without FewClix anymore!"

Siggi Meyer, Founder, mySolutions, South Africa

"FewClix makes searching (my mailbox) faster and simpler!"

John Head, Director of Enterprise Collaboration

"I have too many emails and find it difficult to manage and file them. FewClix delivers faster search, better filters and makes it easier to find anything I am looking for, including in my trash folder. FewClix is easy to use and efficient."

Jack Schachter, Vice President, Cansew Inc.

"FewClix is a big time-saver...its detailed search function finds emails that Outlook doesn't."

Linda Wilson, Administrative Manager

"Outlook 2013 doesn't find anything in my email. FewClix saved the day..."

Larry Shoe, Retired HR Director

"Wow, This could not be any easier to install and navigate through! Fabulous! "

Sonia Dourado, Office Manager, GBS Solutions NA LLC

"FewClix saves time and reduces stress by helping me find attachments quickly!"

Teresa Lamoureux, Office Manager

"I spend a lot of time searching for an item inside Outlook and searching for specific attachments. FewClix for (Outlook) is the most user friendly application ever and saves me time and effort. It is simple, absolutely user-friendly and fast."

Dr. Daniel Belluscio

"I have been a long time user of other Outlook search tools (for close to ten years). FewClix' native interface (embedded into Outlook) makes it much easier to use and faster. Indexing is also fast and indexing options are clear and easy to navigate through."

Paul Vermette

"I am a medical doctor and I have over 40,000 emails in my Outlook Inbox alone. Before FewClix I was using other search tools and I could not find what I want to find. FewClix is indispensable for me now. It gives me back hours every day. There is no doubt that it is the best Outlook search tool in the world, a life saver!"

Dr. Ibrahim Esinler

"FewClix saves me time and effort with my email."

Gustavo Silva