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  • How FewClix helps employees

    Tanimura & Antle

    Tom Casas, VP - IT
    Kerry Varney, CFO

  • My favorite FewClix

    Tanimura & Antle

    Tom Casas, VP - IT
    Kerry Varney, CFO

"FewClix is the best option for search. It delivered ROI for my company in just 1 month!"

Lalit Kumar Jha
DGM I.T (Network - Security & Communication )

"FewClix makes searching much easier than the built in IBM Notes search capabilities. FewClix delivered ROI in just 3 days!"

Dennis Heinle
Director - IT
Guarantee Electrical Company

"After a number of our top executives, including myself, spent time with FewClix, it was not difficult to make the decision to deploy FewClix across the enterprise. Our email users benefit greatly from the productivity it delivers and I consider it a key part of how I use IBM Notes every day."

Tom Casas
Vice President of IT
Tanimura and Antle

"We were part of the FewClix Enterprise Beta Program and were very impressed with its ability to increase enterprise productivity. The trial deployment to a limited user base of both high and low volume email users demonstrated that FewClix delivers time savings of at least 15 minutes a day per user. Even based on a conservative estimate of savings of 5 minutes per employee, we expect to achieve 100% ROI (Return on Investment) in less than 150 days"

V. Srinivas
Chief Information & Technology Officer, Nagarjuna Fertilizers
Nagarjuna Fertilizers