FewClix (for Notes) PRO+

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FewClix (for Notes) PRO+ saves you a tremendous amount of time and effort every day, by significantly reducing the time that you spend with your email, while still getting more done!


With FewClix (for Notes) PRO+ you can:

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"Before FewClix I was using other search tools and I could not find what I want to find. FewClix is indispensable for me now."

- Dr. Ibrahim Esinler

"FewClix is a big time-saver...its detailed search function finds emails that mail client doesn't."

- Linda Wilson
Administrative Manager

"FewClix makes searching (my mailbox) faster and simpler!"

- John Head
Director of Enterprise Collaboration

"FewClix helps me find what I am looking for without creating an excessive number of folders or a complicated filing system."

- Andy Macdonald
Engagement Manager

Try *     Buy ($29.95)

* 15-day Free Trial (No sign-up or form to be filled)

System Requirements


RAM - 4 GB (Minimum)

Hard Disk Space - 10 GB (including mail file index)


  • Windows 7, 8, 10 (x86 / x64)
  • Mac OS X 10
  • IBM Notes 8.5.3 Standard Configuration (all Fix Packs), 9.0.1 Standard Configuration (all Feature Packs up to FP9), 10.0.1 FP3, HCL Notes 11

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