FewClix (for Notes) Installation Instructions

Please follow the steps below to install FewClix (for Notes).

Step 1:
Please save the file "FewClix_for_Notes_5-3_Install.zip" and extract it to any location on your local system

Step 2:
Open the "FewClix_for_Notes_5-3_Install.NSF" file, review the "About FewClix (for Notes) Install" tab and close it. Select the "Prerequisites" tab, verify that FewClix (for Notes) supports your version of IBM Notes and select "Install FewClix (for Notes)".

Step 3:
Review and accept the EULA (End User License Agreement) to open the installation page.

Step 4:
In your IBM Notes client, if you already have the "My Widgets" panel in your sidebar, please skip to Step 6. If you do not see the "My Widgets" panel, please use Step 5 below to enable it.

Step 5:
1) Select File > Preferences > Widgets on Windows or IBM Notes > Preferences > Widgets on the Mac
2) Check the box on top that says "Show widget toolbar and the My Widgets sidebar panel"
3) Click on Ok

Step 6:
1) Expand the "My Widgets" panel by clicking on the My Widgets icon in your sidebar
2) Drag & drop the "FewClix_for_Notes_Install.xml" file from the top of the "FewClix (for Notes) Installation" page into the "My Widgets" panel of your Sidebar and follow the prompts to install FewClix (for Notes).

Step 7:
You will be prompted by IBM Notes (on the bottom right corner) to restart your client. In case you do not see the prompt, please wait for 2 minutes and manually restart your IBM Notes client. If your Mailbox tab was open during restart, please close and reopen the Mailbox tab. Once opened, you will find FewClix (for Notes) inside your IBM Notes Mailbox.

Step 8:
Please enter your email address (the same one you used on the FewClix website) and click "Activate" to begin using FewClix.

If you have already installed FewClix (for Notes), following the steps above will automatically complete both uninstallation and installation.

For help with installing or using FewClix (for Notes), please contact the FewClix Support Desk: support@fewclix.com

To provide feedback / comments, please write to us at customer.relations@fewclix.com