GBS Announces the Availability of FewClix (for Outlook) 3.0

Delivers superior integration, enhanced search and insight into email behavior for Microsoft Outlook users

WOODSTOCK, GA, October 22, 2015 - GBS, a leading provider of products for IBM and Microsoft collaboration and communication platforms, today announced the availability of FewClix for Outlook 3.0, the Add-In for Microsoft Outlook that transforms the way users work with their email.

FewClix 3.0, delivers a new and seamlessly integrated experience for Outlook Mail, Outlook Calendar, Outlook Contacts and Attachments inside the user's Mailbox. This enables users to save more time when compared with the time taken to find anything using Outlook's native search capabilities or any other add-in available in the market.

"FewClix 3.0 not only reinforces our committed to continuously improving the user experience through innovation and engineering, it also focusing on enhancing the value that FewClix delivers," said Ravin Carr, Chief Commercial Officer, GBS. "While superior integration, enhanced search and user-driven indexing capabilities in FewClix 3.0 help improve the user experience, the Activity Dashboard feature provides users with new insight into their search behavior and how it impacts the time they spend with email."

The following are the new capabilities FewClix 3.0 delivers:

  • Superior Integration - Finding emails, attachments, calendar entries and contacts has become fully integrated and easier with FewClix 3.0
  • Search Anywhere - Users have the ability to search within Subfolders, across multiple folders in a Mailbox or even across multiple Mailboxes in a Store
  • User-defined Indexing - Users have the option to index only the folders they need to search
  • Automatic Indexing - All stores and folders are indexed sequentially, without the user having to navigate to a folder in order to begin indexing contents of that folder
  • Activity Dashboard - FewClix 3.0 provides users with the following new and valuable insights:
  1. Time saved by FewClix
  2. Searches completed that are not possible to do with Outlook native search
  3. Most Frequent Searches
  4. Searches grouped by Wait Periods
  5. Searches grouped by Number of Results
  6. Searches grouped by Type of Item (Mail, Calendar, People) Searched

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About FewClix for Outlook

Created by GBS, FewClix for Outlook is an email productivity Add-In for Microsoft Outlook that helps save users up to 30 minutes every day. For more information, please visit