What will be shared and why?

1.  What is the FewClix Usage (ROI) Dashboard?

The FewClix Usage (ROI) Dashboard gives you real-time access to the following key information:

  • a)  Number of times you used FewClix
  • b)  Time taken by FewClix to return results for each activity
  • c)  Time that would have been taken by the native email client for the same activity
  • d)  Actual time saved using FewClix

Click here to see a sample dashboard

In addition, the dashboard also presents you with interesting information about your usage of FewClix. For example:

  • a)  Number of parameters used (single, double, triple, etc.)
  • b)  Type of activity (simple, advanced, etc.)
  • c)  Activities completed that are not possible to do with your native email client
  • d)  Most frequent activities
  • d)  Number of results
  • d)  Wait times
  • d)  Types of items

Click here to see a sample dashboard

2.  What information does FewClix collect to show me Usage (ROI) information?

FewClix is able to provide you with the information about “Time Saved” and other usage information by collecting the following information, each time FewClix is used:

  • Date and time of activity
  • Number of items in the folder at the time of the activity
  • FewClix parameters used during each activity (Sender, Subject, Content, Attachment Type, etc.)
  • Number of results returned by FewClix
  • Time taken for the results to be returned by FewClix
  • Item type (Mail / Calendar / Contacts)

3.  What information does FewClix NOT collect?

FewClix does not collect any private or confidential information, or information about the “data” in the parameters used, including:

  • Senders / Recipients
  • Date / time
  • Subject
  • Content
  • Attachment Names
  • Attachment Content

4.  How does FewClix protect your privacy?

The “non-confidential” data that FewClix collects is stored securely in our cloud server and access to your Usage (ROI) information is made secure via the unique combination of your registered email and a password. No information collected by FewClix is shared with any third party.