April 07, 2015

Time to Spring Clean your Inbox? Our Advice: Don't!

Dont spring clean your inbox

Everybody hates inbox clutter. Which is why we do what it takes to get rid of it, by spending long hours cleaning out our inboxes and organizing our email. How satisfying it is to see a sparkling clean inbox at the end of this exercise!

But, in less than a week or so, all the hard work is for naught as more emails arrive and the clutter is back!

Perhaps you can tackle this problem by investing a few minutes to clean out your inbox every day? Most our daily inbox cleaning tasks fall by the wayside in the face of greater priorities. And of course, once again the clutter is back!

Even if you did by some miracle manage to keep your inbox scrupulously tidy, have you considered the amount of time you've been investing in this exercise? Such a waste of valuable time that could have been spent so much more productively.

So what's the alternative? Live with the clutter? No need at all.

Over the next few weeks, we'll show you how to keep your inbox organized, without deleting or putting away a single email! Stay tuned. We promise it will be worth it!

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