April 21, 2015

Spring Cleaning Tip #2: Clean up your Contacts list

FewClix for Outlook - Spring cleaning tip 2

Your list of email contacts is like a living, breathing thing. It grows year after year as you keep adding to it. Very rarely do you take the time to review, update or clean it out, though.

While it may not appear to be an activity that will enhance your productivity at first glance, cleaning up your contacts list actually saves you a ton of time in the long run.

Over the years, your contact list has become unreliable and outdated as people have moved, changed jobs, roles, etc. To say nothing of those contacts that you added in an almighty hurry. There's a very good chance you got some of the details wrong. Also, many times personal and work contacts get mixed up because you saved them in the wrong location and never went back to check.

Spending a short while once a year to sort out these mix-ups and update your contacts will serve you well throughout the year, especially when you're in a tearing hurry and can't find the most recent information for someone.

This spring, take time to spring clean and update your contact lists and separate your work and personal email contacts to avoid future conflicts. You'll have the rest of the year to thank yourself for it!

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