May 08, 2015

How to use FewClix to find an email in a Folder or "sub folder"

Searching for an email inside a folder is hard. Harder still if the folder has sub-folders that also need to be searched. Takes longer too.

For example, let's say you have an "Email Subscriptions" folder which in turn has an "Industry Trends" sub-folder in it. Now let's also say you are looking for an email with "Blackberry apps" in the subject line, but don't remember if you stored it in the main "Email Subscriptions" folder or in its sub-folder.

Instead of wasting time and effort searching both folders one after the other, simply follow the 4 easy steps below:

Step 1: Launch "High Volume Mode" in FewClix. To do this from within Microsoft Outlook, simply click on the "High Volume mode" button in the FewClix ribbon.

FewClix High Volume Mode

FewClix High Volume Mode

Step 2: Click on the Email Subscriptions folder.

Step 3: Select the "Include Subfolders" button

Step 4: Now type "BlackBerry apps" in the subject search field in FewClix and hit enter.

FewClix High Volume Mode

And what do you know? FewClix performs an instant search not only in your "Email Subscriptions" folder, but also in the "Industry Trends" sub-folder. Enjoy!

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