May 14, 2015

What is "My Searches" and how to create one?

If like most users, you search your inbox for messages that you need to retrieve on a daily basis (such as sales reports, contracts, etc.) it can become tiresome to have to type in the search criteria for these messages over and over again every time you perform a search.

There is an easier way.

Imagine if you are able to save your "search results" as easily as saving bookmarks in a browser. Now imagine if you were able to access these search results with a single click. And imagine if these results get updated dynamically as new messages come into your mailbox. How much time would that save you every day? "My Searches" in FewClix, enables you to achieve exactly this, with a single click!

FewClix My Searches

Let's assume you regularly look for emails that contain the term "Proposal" in the subject line. Here's how "My Searches" can help:

FewClix My Searches

Step 1: Type "Proposal" in the Subject field in FewClix and hit Enter.

Step 2: Click on the "save" icon within the "My Searches" field.

FewClix My Searches save

Step 3: Type in the "My Search" name that you would like to save this search as, for example "Proposal" and click "OK". Your "My Search" is ready.

FewClix My Searches ready

The next time you are looking for proposals, all you have to do is click on "View My Searches" (the "magnifying glass" icon) and choose "Proposal" from the list and click OK.

FewClix View My Searches

You get all email messages with the word "proposal" in the subject line, including new ones received since the time you saved your "My Search"!

FewClix View My Searches

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