June 04, 2015

How do I find an email when all I remember about it is, "two" "words"?

Have you ever tried to find an email message based on "two" or "more" "words" that you remember in the email's Subject, Content or even in an Attachment?

For example, let's assume you are looking for an email with the words "proposal" and "review" in the Subject of the email. This is an arduous task in Outlook as it displays emails with either one of the words anywhere in the email, and this includes in the Subject, Content and even attachments. There is no way for you to narrow down the large number of results and find the one message you are looking for.

With FewClix, it takes just a couple of seconds to find this message. Simply type "proposal review" in the text box below "Subject" in FewClix!

find an email when all I remember about it is two words - Help

Impossible, you say? Try it for yourself.

And, what's more, you can find an email as easy as this by looking for multiple words in any area of the email, including Email Content, Attachment Names and Attachment Content! Or any combination of all these!

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