June 11, 2015

How do I find an email when I'm unsure about which exact words it contains?

Sometimes we search for messages while not being entirely sure of the words they contain.

For example, let's say you are looking for an email that has information about a survey, but you are not sure if the email contains the word, "survey" or the word "questionnaire". Normally you would perform two separate searches for each term. Each of these searches which will return a large number of results that will consume time. If you don't find it using the first word, then you have to repeat the whole exercise with the second, and so on.

FewClix makes this challenge child's play. Simply type in the two words, separated by a comma - like this, "questionnaire, survey" - and hit Enter. FewClix instantly displays all emails containing "questionnaire", "survey" or both.

find an email unsure about which exact words it contains - Help

And hey presto, FewClix displays all emails with any of that words in the subject line!

find an email unsure about which exact words it contains - Help

What makes this even better, is that you can do this for ANY number of words you are looking for in ANY area of the email including, Subject, Email Content, Attachment Name and Attachment Content, or any combination of all these!

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