March 11, 2015

What do 92% of Americans do every day?

What do 92 percent of Americans do every day

Yep. 92% of Americans spend over 90 minutes on email every day.

Not surprised? You should be. 90 minutes may not seem much by itself. But compare it to the 93 minutes* spent eating, 84 minutes* spent on social media and 46 minutes* spent texting every day and #EmailTimeSuck takes on a whole new meaning!

Worse still, Americans comparatively spend only 41 minutes* exercising every day. That's less than half the time spent on email! Now you know what to blame for those love handles!

Want to find out which one email activity is sucking up all your time? Head over here.

*Stats taken from our 2015 Email Time Suck Survey conducted by Kelton Global

Is email important to your work or life? Here, you will find other innovative ideas that may transform the way you deal with email. Don't miss our next article.

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