February 25, 2015

Is "Email Time Suck" Affecting Your Life?

The answer is yes.

We commissioned a survey (conducted by Kelton Global) that provides new insight into the extent to which email is invading our lives. We found that over 90% of Americans spend 1.5 hours on email every day! It's not only that, the email time suck has taken over all aspects of our lives – from destroying productivity at work to distracting us from our kids. Check out the infographic below to learn more about just how much email time suck is impacting your life.

Infographic FewClix Email Time Suck Survey

The full results of the survey, which were released in tandem with the launch of FewClix for Outlook can be found here.

Is email important to your work or life? Here, you will find other innovative ideas that may transform the way you deal with email. Don't miss our next article.

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