Instantly isolate messages that need your attention

If you have ever spent hours sorting out a flooded inbox on your first day back from vacation or if you have ever had a niggling doubt that you have missed an important message in all that clutter, then you are having what we call, "email prioritization" challenges. This is often compounded by the volume of email that you receive every day.

FewClix can help you cut through the clutter in a flash and instantly reach those messages that need your urgent attention. It enables you to effortlessly prioritize your mailbox in a few seconds via the following search options that are made available by selecting the "Prioritize" button inside FewClix:

  • Addressed "Only To Me", "To me and Others" and "Copied to Me"
  • Marked "Important"
  • Flagged for Follow Up
  • Unread / Read
  • Replied To / Forwarded
  • Attachment Type
  • Received in the Last "N" Number of Days
  • Flag Status

With the "Prioritize" feature you can now rest easy, knowing that you will never miss an email again!

Instantly access frequent searches!

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