Nov 24, 2015

Manage Your Email Like a Pro (Tip #1) - Shut the Door on Email Now and Then

Manage Your Email Like a Pro (Tip #1) - Shut the Door on Email Now and Then

Welcome to a new series of posts about how to save time with email. This week's post has a succinct but effective tip to deal with being overwhelmed by the time that email consumes every day.


Tip 1: Shut the Door on Email Now and Then

Yes, we know you think it's important to be connected to your email all the time. There are many benefits to accessing information from anywhere and staying updated at all times. But consider this: it is also important at times to be unavailable.

For example, if you were in a meeting with an important client or even your boss, it is perfectly acceptable to not be checking your email during that time. So take that thought a step further and schedule meetings with yourself every day.

This way, you will be able to find the time to concentrate on any projects you may be involved in, do some brainstorming, analyze some data, come up with strategies, etc. In other words you could actually get some productive work done in the time that you spend scrolling through your never-ending flow of incoming email. Consider it a bit like shutting your office door in the face of your inbox so you can get some real work done, undisturbed.

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