June 18, 2015

How do I find attachments using Attachment View?

Searching for attachments in your Outlook mailbox is a painstakingly slow process. First you scroll through hundreds of messages to find those with attachments. Then you review each of these messages via the preview pane, until you find the one attachment that you need.

With FewClix' Attachment View capability (now available with the release of FewClix (for Outlook) 2.0), you can find this same attachment in just 3 easy steps.

For example, let's assume you are looking for a Spreadsheet with "expense" information from Maya:

Step 1: Type "maya" in Sender and hit enter

Step 2: In the Attachment View, type in "XLS" in the "TYPE" field (this lists all the XLS files from Maya)

Step 3: Now type "expenses" in the "NAME" field (this lists all the XLS files from Maya with "expenses" in the file name)

Hit Enter and you're done!

find attachments using Attachment View - Help

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Outlook screen with FewClix for Outlook - attachment search