April 02, 2015

Finding emails from someone when unsure if they are the "Sender" or a "Recipient"

One of the easiest ways to locate an email is by searching using the sender's name. The search can turn into a nightmare however if you are unsure of the sender's name.

For example, let's say you are looking for a contract document that you know involved your colleague, "Sullivan". Trouble is, you don't remember if Sullivan sent the document or if he was one of the recipients (besides you), that the document was sent to.

Searching with the name "Sullivan" in the "Sender" field yields zero results.

FewClix weekly tip - Finding emails image 1

Dead end. Hmm... now what?

No sweat. FewClix can find the contract in seconds. Here's how:

Step 1: Click on the dropdown next to the "Sender" field in FewClix and select the option "Who (Sender or Recipient)".

FewClix weekly tip - Finding emails image 2

Step 2: Type in the name "Sullivan" and hit "Enter" on your keyboard. All emails involving Sullivan as either sender or recipient will be displayed.

FewClix weekly tip - Finding emails image 3

Step 3: To further refine your results and narrow it down to the message you need, type in "contract" in the subject field and hit "Enter".

FewClix weekly tip - Finding emails image 4

And there you go! Your contract on a plate, in seconds!

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