March 26, 2015

Finding emails using exact word matches

Remember how it used to be almost impossible to find an email if you remembered nothing about it, except maybe a few words in its content? Yes well, those days are behind us.

As long as you can remember a phrase or even just a couple of successive words from the body of the email, FewClix can find it for you.

Here's how.

Let's say you need to find a message that was sent to you a while ago. You don't remember much about the message except that it contained the words, partner feedback.

If you searched using these words as is, the result would display any number of emails, all of which mention either "partner" or "feedback" in the content, but not necessarily together or even in the context that you are looking for. Now this is hardly helpful.

Wouldn't it be so much easier if you could only narrow down the search results to the exact message you are looking for? And you can!

Simply type the words partner feedback within quotation marks (like this: "partner feedback") in FewClix' "Content" field and hit "Enter".

FewClix weekly tip - Finding emails exact word match

And just like that, you'll have your email!

FewClix weekly tip - Finding emails exact word match

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