July 02, 2015

How can I easily search for contacts in my Outlook address book?

Have you ever sent off emails addressed to the wrong "Tom" or "Mike" or "Mary" in your Outlook address book? Yes, we've all been there. With common names like these populating our address books, mix-ups like these are common.

But not anymore. With the new Contact Search capability (now available with the release of FewClix (for Outlook) 2.0), you can find the right contact in your address book in seconds.

For example, let's say you are looking for the contact information of your vendor "Tom" who works for "Pinnacle Electronics". You can find him in just 2 easy steps using the Contacts view in the FewClix High Volume Mode.

Step 1: In the FewClix ribbon at the top of the Calendar screen, type in "Tom" in the "Name" field.

Step 2: Type in "Pinnacle" in the "Company" field.

Hit Enter and you're done!

find contacts in outlook address book - Help

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Outlook screen with FewClix for Outlook - Contact Search