Aug 30, 2016

3 Email facts that affect you more than you think

3 Email facts that affect you more than you think

In Canada and the US, with the first Monday in September comes a long weekend that everyone looks forward to - the Labor Day weekend. It is celebrated in honor of the labor movement and the contributions that workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of the country. Before you break out the barbecue grill and throw your last summer bash this Labor Day, set aside a little time to think about these 3 email facts that have been making your life difficult, at home and at work:

Fact 1: You spend more time with email than you think
The recent FewClix Email Time Suck Survey conducted by Kelton Global found that the average worker spends an enormous amount of time with email every day. You may not realize it, but on an average, you spend only 41 minutes exercising, 46 minutes texting and 84 minutes using social media, every day. Email wins hands down with a whopping 93 minutes being dedicated to it on average, every day! Other studies indicate that email consumes more than 560 hours a year! So the next time you feel like your work day has shrunk with you barely having accomplished anything, you know where to lay the blame!

Fact 2: Email invades more of your privacy than you think
If you think email is a non-threat because it stays within the boundaries of your work day, you couldn't be more wrong! Thanks to smartphones, tablets and laptops, you carry your email around with you at all times and spend more time thinking of it than you realize. And that includes thinking about email during private and intimate moments too. In fact, the FewClix Email Time Suck Survey found that 26% of those surveyed thought of email while using the bathroom. 18% thought of it while in the shower and a shocking 9% couldn't get email out of their minds even while in bed with someone!

Fact 3: Email impacts the quality of your life more than you think
If you have been finding your work-life balance lopsided for a while, you probably attribute it to work conditions, traffic or even the government. But the truth is, you don't need to look farther than your smartphone! Email drastically reduces the quality of your life by stealing the time you set aside to enrich your life with friends, family and hobbies. If you're about to disagree, think of the many times you've checked email notifications or even responded to emails while at the dinner table with your family or while out on a night on the town with friends. If that sounds familiar, you are not alone. The FewClix Email Time Suck Survey found that 21% of those surveyed agreed that email stole the quality time they set aside for their children, while 35% complained that email interrupted their downtime while on vacation.


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