Sep 06, 2016

3 Email apps to keep your children safe online

3 Email apps to keep your children safe online

As an adult in the online world, you are well aware of the dangers that lurk in the nooks and crannies of the world wide web. So what happens when you are required to introduce your children to the concept of email? Do you hover over them, monitoring their every move in order to keep them safe or simply ban them from the joys of emailing their grandparents and friends? Here's a way to walk the middle path – 3 excellent email apps that will help keep your children safe online.

1. Maily
Maily is a well-designed email app and web interface that your kids will love. You will first need to set up a parental account on Maily and can then proceed to create an account for your children with their own photographs and names. You can then add contacts to your child's account. These will be the only contacts that your children will be able to email. The respondents will also have to create an account on Maily in order to reply. Maily's UI is creative and interesting for children, especially toddlers who are 4+ years old. For instance, the “Compose” interface has a palette of a number of colored pencils, brushes and multiple stamps. Your kids can even take photos that can be attached to their email. As for security, every time an email is sent, your parent account will receive an alert, notifying you about it. So you can rest easy knowing that your child is corresponding with approved contacts in a safe and healthy manner. Maily is available free of cost on both the App Store as well as on Google Play.

2. Kid's Email
If you have older children at home and need to exercise more control, Kid's Email is worth checking out. A parent account needs to be created on and then children accounts can be added, tailored to each individual child's requirements. To begin with, you can choose between a regular interface that works just fine for younger kids and a more mature interface for older children. Kid's Email provides parents with a long list of security settings that can be configured so that your children can only send emails to or receive them from an approved contact list. Copies of sent and received emails can also be obtained if desired. You can also decide whether or not to allow links and attachments to be sent or received by your child. There are even filters that can filter out bad language and obscene words from the emails that your kids receive. Kid's Email has a free 30-day trial, after which you will need to pay $3 / month to keep using their services. It is available on both the App Store as well as on Google Play.

3. Zoobuh
ZooBuh is a web-based email provider that is similar to Kid's Email, but also provides a range of other features including the choice between white lists and black lists, a contact manager, parental controls, blind carbon copies to parents and customizable filters. With Zoobuh, you have the ability to monitor and approve incoming emails before they reach the child and can choose to remove links, attachments and images from incoming mail. Activity logs give you a clear picture of the correspondence happening through your child's account and you can even restrict the time and days of the week when your kid can log in to the account. There is however no free or trial version and Zoobuh is priced at $12 / year.


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