Sep 15, 2015

3 Reasons Why you Should Leave your Work Email at Work

3 Reasons Why you Should Leave your Work Email at Work

Catch yourself checking work email on your downtime, once too many times? Here are 3 reasons why you are better off not bringing your work email, home:

1. You're getting less sleep than you should

The reason we carry email home via a smartphone or laptop is so we can check for new messages at the end of day and reply to new ones that arrived in the night. That way, it feels like we're on top of things before getting to work in the morning. The truth couldn't be further from that. According to a new Michigan State University study, using a smartphone or laptop before bed results in less sleep and less energy at work the next day. Researchers determined that smartphones especially offer a sleep-busting double whammy: both keeping the brain psychologically engaged and emitting "blue light" that inhibits our bodies' ability to relax into sleep.


2. You could be slipping into tech addiction

What? No! Apparently, for leaders in the Silicon Valley, technology addiction is very real. The annual "Wisdom 2.0" conference which provides ways for technology users to find balance in the digital age, is not surprisingly widely attended by founders and managers of leading technology companies such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Microsoft, PayPal and many more. They participate in conversations with experts on yoga and mindfulness, with an emphasis on stepping away from gadgets and devices every once in a while. If you have always suspected that you check your inbox and reply to emails more obsessively than you should, then please note that tech addiction is every bit as damaging to your physical and psychological health as any other addiction.


3. Your social life is probably in the doghouse

Nobody likes a date that is more interested in their smartphone than in the person sitting across from them. Being socially adept depends on coming across as someone who cares about the people they are interacting with and is able to listen and make intelligent conversation. Your email notifications can get in the way of this, every time. So if you have been spending family get-togethers or social visits glued to your phone's mailbox or if your conversation has been distracted and uninterested, then you can be sure you aren't getting an invitation to visit again.

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