Sep 22, 2015

3 Easy Outlook Search Hacks Everyone Should Know

3 Easy Outlook Search Hacks Everyone Should Know

Microsoft Outlook is the default email client for the majority of business users around the world. But that doesn't mean it is the easiest to work with. If you've been swearing under your breath lately at how maddening Outlook can be, especially when it comes to finding an email you need, try these 3 mailbox search hacks that can make your life easier:

1. Drill down your search

If the number of search results generated using the "Instant Search box" are way too many to wade through, do not despair. Instead, use the "Search Tools ribbon" (which appears automatically at the top of your screen once you place your cursor in the Instant Search box), to refine your search. The Search Tools ribbon enables you to find the email you need, using more search parameters such as "Sender", "Subject", "Has Attachment", "Categories", "Flags", "Period", etc.


2. Search across folders faster

Know you have that email stashed away neatly somewhere, but have no idea where? Don't waste your time trying to frisk your many folders one after the other. Instead, click on "All Outlook Items" in the "Scope" group on the Search Tools ribbon. This will expand your search to include all folders including your calendar, contacts, and tasks. Neat huh?


3. Use keyboard shortcuts

Here are a few keyboard shortcuts that can make you the fastest searcher in the West!

  • Instant Search – FN + F3 / CTRL + E
  • All Mailboxes / Current Mailbox / All Mail Items - CTRL+ALT+A
  • Current Folder - CTRL+ALT+K
  • Subfolders - CTRL+ALT+Z
  • All Outlook Items - CTRL+ALT+O
  • Advanced Find – CTRL+SHIFT+F

Still finding Outlook search impossible? No worries. There's still another way out. Simply invest in a free or paid search Add-In that will take all the work off your plate and save you tons of time and effort!

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