Sep 01, 2015

3 Signs that your Email is Calling the Shots

3 Signs that your Email is Calling the Shots

Is your email the boss of you? Of course not. That would be ridiculous! You control your email. It bends to your will and serves you tirelessly. Or...does it? Let's find out.

The 2015 FewClix Email Survey conducted by Kelton Global, reported that,

- 40% of Americans thought first of email on waking up

- 26% had email on their mind while in the bathroom and

- 9% were thinking of email while in bed with someone!

Gives you pause doesn't it? Here are 3 signs that will help you identify if email is pulling the strings in your life:

Sign 1: You've recently started attracting dirty looks

Been whipping out your mobile device to check your email every time it buzzes? Then there's a good chance that you've been attracting dirty looks from those in your company. If your email has been intruding into family dinners, movie dates or quality time with friends as of late, then yes, you have a budding email problem on your hands.


Sign 2: You reach for your email before you're even fully awake

Is email the last thing you see before you get to bed every night? Or perhaps you can't resist checking your email before your feet hit the floor every morning? Wake up and smell the coffee, friend. The shadow of email looms large over your life!


Sign 3: You spend your downtime worrying about your inbox

Ever spent your hard-earned vacation time worrying about the email piling up in your inbox back at work? If you nodded 'yes', you've just joined 35% of Americans who admit that email interrupts their vacation time. And yes, you are in dire need of help for your email problem.

The good news is, help isn't far away. Watch this space for next week's post on how to stop email from taking over your life.

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