Aug 25, 2015

3 Tips to Nip Email Stress in the Bud

3 Tips to Nip Email Stress in the Bud

The 2015 FewClix Email Survey conducted by Kelton Global, had a disturbing statistic to report – 38 million Americans said that the increasing volume of email also increased their stress. This would not come as a surprise if you have been watching the rate at which email usage has been growing over the years.

The recently released 2015 Email Statistics Report by the Radicati group, reports that the number of worldwide email users will be nearly 2.6 billion by the end of 2015 and increase to over 2.9 billion by year-end, 2019. That would be over one-third of the world's population! More users = more email. Now imagine what that's going to do for your stress!

Here are 3 simple tips to help you avoid the stress caused by email and also manage burgeoning email volumes:

Tip 1: Outsmart the marketers

Most of us have enough traffic in our mailboxes without having to add spam to it too. Today, most sites ask for an email address to create an account or sign in. Once you've taken the bait, your inbox will receive a steady set of mailers from the site. Instead, get smart and create a free email account that you can check once in a while (or not at all) for such subscriptions. Your work inbox will thank you for it.


Tip 2: Draw the line somewhere

Email is no longer content to remain at your workplace awaiting your return the next morning. It follows you home, to the ballpark, to a party and even on a date. Give your email some boundaries. Remember it isn't going anywhere. Make a pact with yourself to not check your work email once you're out of office or at least not to check it every few minutes or so. To make it easier on yourself, turn off your data. Or if that's too hard, at least turn off your email notifications.


Tip 3: Keep your inner "Chicken Little" in check

Yes, you heard us right. Don't be Chicken Little and stress over the emails that you're missing when you're not checking your mailbox. Not every email is a "falling sky" situation that deserves your immediate attention. Set alerts only for emails from those who expect a reply ASAP (like the boss). Everything else can wait until you return to work.

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