Oct 13, 2015

3 Tools to Achieve a Leaner Inbox

3 Tools to Achieve a Leaner Inbox

Sick of all the clutter in your mailbox? Tired of the many hours you spend decluttering your email, only to have it all come back the next day? Here are 3 ways you can achieve a leaner inbox.

  1. Remove yourself from unproductive mailing lists
    We know you had every best intention at heart when you subscribed yourself to all those awesome lists. You liked their content and could see yourself reading email from them on a regular basis. Unfortunately, life caught up with you and you now have hundreds of unread emails from various mailing lists lying around in your inbox, taunting you, while more arrive every day. It's like a bad nightmare. No worries. Waking up from this one is easy. Subscribe to an app like Mailstrom that bundles related emails and makes it easy for you to manage them as a group. Simply group all unproductive mailing lists together and unsubscribe yourself from them all with just a single click.
  2. Decide which emails deserve your immediate attention
    If you have spent time trying to find important communication in inbox clutter, then it is time to get help keeping out messages that aren't as deserving of your immediate attention. Opt for apps like Sanebox that act like a bouncer at the entrance to a swanky club. Based on communication history, these apps decide which emails get past them to partake of your precious time and which ones stay behind the rope. Don't worry, the not-so-privileged emails are also stored separately for you to browse through later, when you can spare the time.
  3. Archive everything you are done with
    Looking down the barrel of a burgeoning mailbox? The solution is simple. Archive all emails and attachments that you are currently finished with, in the cloud. Try a solution like mxHero's Mail2Cloud that connects your Gmail, Outlook or other email client to your favorite cloud storage provider (works with Box, Dropbox, ShareFile and Google Drive). All crucial emails and file attachments are securely stored in customized cloud folders and can be accessed and retrieved quickly and easily, from any location and device.

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