Oct 20, 2015

Outlook Tip #1 - Say Goodbye to Repetitive Typing

Cool Outlook Tips for Greater Productivity - Tip 1

Think you'd give an arm and a leg to be more productive with your Outlook email? No need to maim yourself. Here is Part 1 of a series of tips that will make you an Outlook pro in no time!

Tip 1: Say goodbye to repetitive typing

Is there a phrase / sentence / passage of text that you use repetitively in your emails? If so, then you're probably doing either of the following every time you need to replicate the passage:

   - Typing the whole thing out each time OR

   - Finding the passage from the last email you used it in and copying / pasting

Here's a whole new approach that will save you valuable minutes - use Outlook's "Quick Parts" feature.

"Quick Parts" allows you to save entire blocks of text to the "Quick Part gallery". Once saved, you only need start typing the first few letters in your "Compose" window and Outlook will immediately prompt you with the rest!

Here's how to use "Quick Parts":

Step 1: Type out the passage that you would like to save in the Outlook "Compose" window

Step 2: Highlight the entire length of the text

Step 3: Switch to the "Insert" tab in Outlook and click on the "Quick Parts" drop-down

Step 4: Click on "Save selection to the Quick Part Gallery" and you're done!

Now every time you need to re-use the passage, start typing the first few letters. Outlook will prompt you with the rest. Simply hit "Enter" or click on the prompt to insert the text.

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