April 28, 2015

Spring Cleaning Tip #3: Prune your Subscriptions

FewClix for Outlook - Spring cleaning tip 3

It may be tough to believe, but that innocent-looking newsletter subscription in your Inbox may be your first step towards a spiraling descent into email chaos.

Many of us gather newsletters like curio collectors, always promising ourselves that we'll get around to reading those tips, alerts, articles, etc., later. Truth is, we usually never get around to it and soon they begin contributing significantly to inbox clutter.

That is when we decide to move them to folders, using mail rules. Out of sight and out of mind, these newsletters now languish for weeks and months, consuming valuable storage space and ultimately creating quota challenges. It is at this point that you realize that you are going to have to simply ‘Select All' and hit ‘Delete'.

You may argue that some of these subscriptions are valuable across time contexts, but the majority outlive their value as our roles and priorities change.

A good email practice would be therefore to target those subscriptions that you have tucked away in folders that haven't been visited in over 2 weeks, for "unsubscription".

Take the time this spring to review and unsubscribe from your list of subscriptions. You will soon notice how much inbox clutter and unwanted folders you have eliminated and how much valuable disk space you have saved.

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