Jun 21, 2016

6 Email Management Tips for the Time-Challenged

6 Email Management Tips for the Time-Challenged

Catch yourself spending way too much time in your mailbox? Or perhaps you are constantly behind on important tasks because of the time you spend with your email? Here are a few ways you can manage both your email and your time, better!

  1. Discourage unnecessary replies
    Reduce the number of email replies that you receive by inserting “No reply needed” in the subject line or first line of your email, wherever appropriate.
  2. Use pre-written responses
    Find yourself regularly receiving similar questions in your email? Compose and keep ready, a few cookie-cutter responses and use with discretion.
  3. Practice clarity in your communication
    Try and keep your correspondences as clear as possible. For instance, if you are dealing with an email that answers several questions raised by someone, take the time to copy and paste each of their questions next to the appropriate answers. This will help you avoid back-and-forth conversations and save even more time in the long run.
  4. Always attach first
    Many times, emails need to be re-sent with apologies because the sender forgot to attach the relevant documents. An easy solution is to attach the document first and then write your email.
  5. Use a phone when appropriate
    More often than not, a phone conversation can accomplish what an email is meant to do, only faster and with better clarity. Always consider if the subject at hand can be discussed over the phone before sitting down to write an email.
  6. Unsubscribe from unnecessary communication
    Set aside a little time at least once a week to check if there are newsletters or subscriptions that you no longer follow and unsubscribe from them. This will leave your inbox lighter and also spare you the trouble of searching through a cluttered mailbox for emails that are actually relevant to you.


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