May 05, 2015

Spring Cleaning Tip #4: Review your 'Alias' Lists

FewClix for Outlook - Spring cleaning tip 4

Email aliases / groups are great tools for making communication within teams or project stakeholders, easier and faster. But they can become a thorn in your side when you find yourself being marked on to-and-fro conversations between individuals in the group or on issues that hold no relevance for you.

As an email sender, an easy way to avoid spamming others on your alias list would be to refrain from replying to all unless the reply is absolutely essential for all members of the group.

As a recipient of such emails however, you may fear that there is not much you can do to encourage the responsible usage of alias lists. Perhaps not.

But here is a simple solution to avoid this email time suck and boost your productivity: Review your alias lists this spring.

Chances are that many of them have become redundant as teams and projects change. Request to be removed from those lists that are unnecessary or are no longer relevant to you. While this may take a while, consider it an investment in future time savings. And before you know it, your inbox will be lighter and a lot less frustrating to work with.

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