Nov 23, 2016

Webinar - Transforming workplace productivity via email!

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It is every CIO's goal to help employees achieve their productive best in the workplace. The easiest, most scalable and cost effective way to achieve this goal today is by taking a closer look at email behavior and usage.

Email is the most ubiquitous technology in the enterprise that touches the lives of all employees. Adobe's 2016 Annual Email Survey (published last month)* revealed these startling facts:

  • On average, employees spend 4.1 hours every day with email!
  • Dependency on email has increased 17% year-on-year (despite tools like Slack and Asana)!

The enterprise-wide impact of reducing this time by just 10% is a staggering 83,000 hours in time savings and Rs. 2,90,50,000 (over $400,000) in cost savings, every year, for every 1,000 employees!

To find out more about how employees spend time with email and the massive workplace productivity opportunity this presents, join the FewClix Webinar designed exclusively for CIOs:

"Transforming workplace productivity using email!"
Date: Nov 30 (Wed)
Time: 3 pm IST
Duration: 45 mins
Click here to register.

This will be the most worthwhile 45 minutes you spend this month! Key insights will include:

  • Impact of email behavior and usage
  • Productive vs Unproductive email tasks
  • Common, but "time sucking" email habits
  • Achieving transformational productivity improvement via email (live demonstration)

Only 50 seats available, so click here to register now.


* Based on email related habits and behavior of white collar workers in the US.

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