Oct 27, 2015

Outlook Tip #2 - Create New Items Without Switching Modes

Cool Outlook Tips for Greater Productivity - Tip 2

Last week we brought you Tip 1: Say goodbye to repetitive typing with Outlook's Quick Parts. Here's this week's tip to help you be more productive with your Outlook email.

Tip 2: Create new emails / calendar entries / contacts without switching modes

If you are an extensive Outlook user, then you probably use your Outlook Calendar and Contacts just as much as you use your email. And that of course means frequent switching between the "Mail", "Calendar" and "People" modes. If you are looking to create a new email or calendar entry or contact, we can help you save a few minutes by showing you how you can do it without switching modes.

Option 1

Step 1: Go to the "Home" tab in Outlook

Step 2: Click on the "New Items" drop-down and choose the shortcut required to create any kind of new item


Option 2

Step 1: Right-click on Outlook's icon in the Windows 7 or 8 taskbar

Step 2: In the list of options that pops up, choose the shortcut required to create any kind of new item

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