Jan 26, 2016

Impact of Email (3) - Reduces Self Control

Impact of Email (3) - Reduces Self Control

In an earlier post in this series, we talked about how email causes a decrease in your emotional intelligence. This post discusses yet another side effect of constantly dealing with email – depleted self-control.


#3: Email Reduces Your Self Control

If you were told that email can impact your ability to control your actions, it may sound far-fetched. But stop and think a minute. Have you ever clicked "Send" on an unwisely written email and regretted it just moments later? Have you ever had a knee-jerk reaction because of the contents of an email? Yes, unfortunately almost everyone who uses email, is open to the risk of reduced self-control.

But why? What kind of black magic does email wield over your will?

It's actually quite simple. Dealing with large volumes of email is a strain and an emotional overload. And research shows that when you have too much on your plate, your energy levels deplete quickly, leading to a lack of self-control. Simply put, you're too tired to help yourself!

This reduction in self-control however, can be a dangerous thing. It can prompt you to take risks where caution is required or make decisions that will linger as regret for a long time. Don't blame yourself though. It's just harder to rein in your impulses when you have a lot going on, especially in your mailbox!

Has your email ever triggered a response that you regretted at leisure? Let us know in the comments below.

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