Nov 03, 2015

Outlook Tip #3 - Save Time and Effort with Recurring Tasks

Cool Outlook Tips for Greater Productivity - Tip 3

Last we brought you a tip on how to create new emails / calendar entries / contacts in Outlook without switching modes. This week's tip will help you automate recurring tasks so you can save time and boost your productivity.


Tip 3: Save time and effort with recurring tasks

This is a tip that you will appreciate if you regularly perform tasks such as sending out meeting invitations to your team or forwarding incoming email to your boss. Outlook's "Quick Steps" feature can save you time and the hassle of doing these tasks over and over again.

You can find "Quick Steps" in the middle of Outlook's "Home" tab. It contains a set of predefined automated tasks such as "Team Email" (creates a new email to your team), "To Manager" (forwards selected email to your manager, "Reply and Delete" (replies to the sender and deletes the original email), etc. However, the greater advantage of this feature is that it allows you to define your own "Quick Steps" and automate any task you choose.

Here is how you can do this:

Step 1: Click the dropdown arrow in the "Quick Steps" tab and select "New Quick Step"

Step 2: Choose any of the items in the sub menu and create a custom sequence of actions that can categorize your emails, move them, flag them or delete them, all with a single click!

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