Aug 18, 2015

Small savings = Significant gain

Attach With Care

The recent "FewClix Email Survey" conducted by Kelton Global found that 92% of Americans spend over 90 minutes with their email every day. Focus on the working community and the numbers look far worse. According to the 2012 survey by McKinsey Global Institute, over 28% of a worker's day is spent on email.

Now consider this:

Let's say your organization has 10,000 employees. If each of them could save just 10 minutes out of the time that they spend with email every day, that would translate to an annual saving of 420,000 hours or 52,500 person days for your organization.

In other words, assuming that your organization's average annual cost per employee is $50,000, you are looking at savings of over $10 million a year! Speak of little drops making an ocean!

Want to make a start at saving all that money? See how FewClix can help by checking out our FREE ROI Calculator here.

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